Why Identifying and Understanding Employee Behavior Is Essential to Retail Success

What is Employee Behavior and How Does it Affect a Company’s Overall Performance?

The way employees act toward particular situations or circumstances in the workplace is commonly referred to as employee behavior. While many factors determine an employee’s workplace behavior, the workplace’s culture is a significant determinant of how employees act. Corporate and personal culture impact how employees interact and communicate with both their coworkers and management. Furthermore, an employee’s belief system also impacts their sense of responsibility and ethics.

Specific types of negative behaviors can hinder a company’s overall performance. Businesses function effectively when every employee is performing their duties effectively. Employees who cannot carry their workload or fail to show up on time impact the entire organization. The company’s performance could take a serious hit if an employee’s job is critical to its operations.

Studies show that improper employee behavior is immensely contagious. If an individual questions an organization’s leadership by showing poor work ethic, displaying a toxic attitude, or engaging in backstabbing, other employees close to that employee could eventually exhibit similar symptoms. It leads to a culture of disputes and dissents and creates separate loyalty lines and factions.

What’s more, trying to get rid of negative attitudes can be immensely toxic, time consuming, costly, and could hurt the company’s performance in more ways than one. Poor behavior exhibited by employees also scares away business prospects. Your customers and clients may complain about this behavior, making the public look at your organization in a negative light.

Identifying Behavioral Issues in Employees

Toxic employees are a major reason behind the downfall of a company’s corporate culture. Fostering a solid culture of positivity and productivity in your workplace is not as straightforward as most individuals think. As mentioned earlier, employees with negative behaviors undermine and degrade productivity, HR programs, and profitable initiatives. Fortunately, identifying toxic employees can help you reach an adequate solution.

So, here are some telltale signs to help you identify employees who are causing problems


Office gossip hampers your team’s productivity in multiple ways, especially when it goes too far. Spotting gossiping culprits is relatively straightforward, as you will mostly find them together fishing for stories, needlessly interrupting coworkers, and being overly social rather than focusing on being productive.


Almost everybody is guilty of getting distracted. However, if these distractions are not innocent and quick, problems may arise. If your employee submits low-quality work or does not meet deadlines, know that they are hampering your organization’s productivity. There are several ways to address this issue, one of which is to assign them stricter deadlines.

Excuse Makers

Excuse makers are quite similar to procrastinators and identifying them is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is look for individuals making consistent excuses for their low-quality work or late submissions. Some may even start getting creative with their excuses, another key trait of an excuse maker.

You may also come across grumps and “know-it-alls” in your organization, and it would be best to ensure you deal with them adequately before they become a burden on your company.

The Importance of Understanding Employee Behavior

Employee-related problems can significantly hamper an organization’s retail success. You’d be surprised to see the progress companies can make if employers actively try to understand their employees’ behavior. Behavioral assessments are ideal for judging how an individual will behave in specific workplace situations, and the best time to conduct these kinds of assessments are during the hiring interview. It could help you nip this issue in the bud, improving your company’s retail success tenfold.

Most employers face behavioral challenges today due to the ever-increasing complexities initiated by talent shortages and remote employees. Because of this, managers have no other option but to hire less-experienced workers. Sadly, this often leads to unfavorable results, which often multiply and fester as time passes.

Eliminating these issues from the get-go can help you minimize their effects. Furthermore, employers should also have one-on-one conversations with problematic employees and discuss their behavior and performance. In most cases, these conversations prove to be fruitful and yield excellent results.

Why Mystery Shopping and Loss Prevention are Vital for Organizations

Companies should prioritize improving their retail success, and they can do so by taking advantage of loss prevention protocols and mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is a great way to honestly gauge customer service and employee interactions. It could also help you spot policy violations or dishonesty.

Stop-loss prevention will further minimize the impact of critical problems in your company’s operations. In most cases, a field auditor conducts a professional audit and they help you pinpoint negative employees and their problems to improve your organization’s retail success. Combining an efficiently managed audit program with mystery shopping is vital for bettering operational compliance as well as ensuring that your company’s workflow and revenue are above reproach.

Final Thoughts

Employees are your most important and expensive assets. Some may prove problematic, but most of them carry your business forward to new heights. Therefore, you must understand them and their behavior to fully comprehend how they will contribute to your organization. Identifying certain toxic employee behaviors can help you determine who is holding your business back and ensure you take adequate steps to remedy these issues. In the end, your primary goal is to emerge as a cohesive and successful retail organization.

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