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HS Brands Global is the Leading Brand Certainty, Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution provider operating worldwide.

We provide innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. We protect favorite brands around the globe, serving many industries including, hospitality, food service, retail, automotive and many more.

We maintain a database of over 1 million shoppers, auditors and loss prevention professionals from around the globe and count some of the world’s most recognizable brands as clients.

Building A Consistent Customer Experience Across A Global Brand

As brands expand globally, the number of ways customers experience your brand dramatically increases. As a result, it’s often challenging to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences that adapt to your customers’ language and cultural preferences. There are, however, a couple ways international brands can ensure more consistent customer experiences at scale. Here’s how global brands can ensure locally relevant customer experiences while consistently maintaining the most universal and relevant parts of their brand.

Tracking Loss Prevention KPIs

KPIs, also known as Key Performance Indicators, are an important way for restaurant owners to track internal losses. Unlike external factors, like people who “dine and dash” without paying for their food or robbers who demand money from the cash register, these measurements focus on losses caused by your waitstaff, hostesses, bussers, and even kitchen workers. Every employee has the potential to play a role in your losses and prevent your restaurant from making crucial profits. So, let’s dive into the details to see just how keeping an eye on these measurements can help your business grow in the long run.

Why Identifying And Understanding Employee Behavior Is Essential To Retail Success

The way employees act toward particular situations or circumstances in the workplace is commonly referred to as employee behavior. While many factors determine an employee’s workplace behavior, the workplace’s culture is a significant determinant of how employees act. Corporate and personal culture impact how employees interact and communicate with both their coworkers and management. Furthermore, an employee’s belief system also impacts their sense of responsibility and ethics.

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Mystery Shopping

What are your customers’ perceptions of your brand experience?

Loss Prevention

Is your team performing to your expectations? Our proactive brand certainty process will provide you with answers to all these questions to help you make more informed decisions.

Process Certainty

Our Process Certainty approach offers multiple core intelligence gathering and assessment services for our clients.

Brand Standard Consistency

Our proactive brand certainty process will provide you with answers to all these questions to help you make more informed decisions.

Customer Experience (CX) Management

For years, HS Brands has been providing its proprietary services to top-tier businesses, ensuring they maintain their high standards, safeguard their assets, and increase their profitability tenfold. We are well aware that most brands seek to measure customer experiences and prevent losses. However, doing so without professional help can be a difficult task. 

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