Protecting The World's Favorite Brands

It takes years to build a brand
but only a moment to tarnish it

HS Brands Global helps companies maintain the highest brand standards, protect their assets, and improve their profits. Our brand protection programs can measure customer experiences, ensure brand and franchise compliance, provide market research, and execute loss prevention services.

HS Brands Global operates in all 50 US states and across the Globe with twelve international offices. A true global partner, our team lives and works where you operate.

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Franchise Royalty Assurance

When a national quick-serve franchisor received whistleblower information on a franchisee underreporting sales, they contacted HS Brands to verify the claim

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International Credit Card Testing

When a global credit card company needed to test its new card in over 150 countries, HS Brands delivered.

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Loss Prevention

When the 5th largest specialty retailer needed a more efficient and cost-effective loss prevention solution, they turned to HS Brands….

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