Process Certainty and Your Business

Success in today’s market requires a greater need to enforce processes that support your growth. HS Brands puts experienced boots on the ground to collect the information you need to analyze and verify your business processes. We take the time to get to know your brand and operational culture to effectively your operational, merchandising, and employee behaviors.

The HS Brands Global Difference

Global Experience

Our global offices provide us with a unique overview of various world markets. This is especially critical when companies expand beyond nationally in the United States or internationally across the world.

Process Certainty, Global Experience & Strong Team

Strong Global Team

We operate offices worldwide with the experts needed to conduct verifications at any scale. HS Brands provides global reach with local expertise to ensure the context of your results includes the nuances of regional and local culture.

Clients operating, or who wish to expand outside of their home countries, have access to our regional and local knowledge and understanding. HS Brands clients leverage the power of our team offices and partnerships across the major global cities. This gives our clients the advantage of having a local presence and strong local relationships.

Global Team, Scaled National Presence

Clients who wish to expand outside of their home countries are provided with the wisdom and advantage of various team offices that are greatly rooted in major global cities worldwide. This gives our clients the advantage of having a local presence and strong local relationships.

Process Certainty, Global Experience, Strong Team
Core Services:

Our teams can verify the accuracy, execution and delivery of your real-world processes. Whether it’s verifying a new customer service rollout, ensuring a product recall, or testing a new point of sale process, HS Brands can collect the information and data you need for process certainty.

Innovative Technology

Process Certainty, Global Experience, Strong Team

Reliable Technology

HS Brands ensures that data is accurate wherever you are through the industry leader database, Sassie. Our founder, Tom Mills, was the architect of the Sassie technology and continues to bring this innovative spirit to the HS Brands culture.

Technology That Understands What You Need

Sassie aims to provide the information you need when you need it. You have the opportunity to customize your dashboard, alerts, and data in a way that best suits you and your management team.

Process Certainty, Global Experience, Strong Team
Somos la única compañía de compras misteriosas que maneja todas sus ubicaciones globales, prevención de pérdidas y compras misteriosas bajo un mismo paraguas. Nuestro proceso proactivo de certidumbre de marca combina estos conjuntos de datos para proporcionar vistas instantáneas, internas y de marca que le indican dónde hay riesgos y oportunidades de mejora, y le permiten tomar decisiones estratégicas más inteligentes para promocionar su marca.