Il modello di certezza del marchio

Il nostro modello di certezza del marchio ti permette di guardare oltre la superficie del problema al fine di approfondire i problemi fondamentali e prendere decisioni più strategiche per il tuo marchio. Questo viene fatto attraverso un processo che abbiamo sviluppato sulla base dei nostri anni di esperienza, processi solidi e l’approccio consultivo unico del nostro team.


Il processo inizia esaminando innanzitutto tutti i potenziali aspetti del problema al fine di creare e indirizzare le soluzioni corrette. Questo primo passo nel processo è fondamentale perché è qui che il nostro team si allinea con voi per comprendere a fondo i vostri obiettivi e obiettivi per garantire che stiamo andando verso la stessa direzione.

Compila, compila e segnala

Da lì il nostro team costruisce le giuste misurazioni che sono essenziali per ottenere l’intelligenza necessaria per la scoperta che viene poi seguita mettendo risorse sul campo per condurre una valutazione oggettiva per l’analisi. Quindi snodiamo e riferiamo l’intelligenza raccolta attraverso un software che viene poi utilizzato dai nostri clienti per prendere decisioni ben informate che portano ad azioni basate sui risultati.

Ampiezza dei servizi

L’ampiezza dei servizi che offriamo che include Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention, Process Certainty, Brand Standard Consistency e Customer Experience Management ci permette di soddisfare numerosi clienti in diversi settori per aiutarli a raggiungere i loro obiettivi specifici

Incontra il nostro team globale

Con più uffici in tutto il mondo, che coprono 140 paesi, HS Brands comanda una forte presenza internazionale offrendo risorse umane che sono addestrate con i più alti standard e comprendono anche le operazioni uniche e la cultura di regioni specifiche in tutto il mondo. Il nostro team e la copertura mondiale si basano su un solido database di oltre 750.000 acquirenti, un numero che ci impegniamo a far crescere mentre continuiamo a servire più partner in tutto il mondo.

Leadership globale

Tommy Mills
Founder & CEO
Tom Mills has been a leader in the Mystery Shop and Customer Experience Industry for over twenty-five years. In 2005, he formed what is now HS Brands Global, taking a national services company to operations in twelve countries. As the founding member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, Mr. Mills was inducted into the MSPA Hall of Fame in 2005. He created the mystery shopping industries’ first web-based software platform, SASSIE. In 2004 he acquired a Private Investigators License in Nevada and became the first mystery shopping company in the US that could legally mystery shop in all 50 States.
About Tommy…
Sheila Rivera
Financial Controller
Sheila Rivera brings over twenty-three years of financial management and accounting experience to HS Brands. With a diverse industry background in senior executive positions, Sheila has a proven track-record of optimizing financial controls, building streamlined accounting systems, driving strategic revenue growth, scaling businesses, and integrations. Sheila has worked on mergers and acquisitions, managing investor relations, strategic business planning, internal auditing, and building standard operating procedures.
About Sheila...
Raymond Esposito
President, LP & Compliance
Raymond Esposito has over 30 years of loss prevention experience and has spent the past two decades building premier LP outsource programs for some of the world’s most well-known brands. He has worked with over 130 retailers within the department store, specialty, restaurant, grocery, and pharmacy industries in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In addition to his work as a practitioner and consultant, Mr. Esposito has served as an expert witness on loss prevention practices for the US Department of Justice and various law firms protecting the interests of their retail clients. His articles and interviews have appeared in a variety of magazines and on radio, including Security Source Magazine, LP Magazine, Family Circle, and Small Business Radio. Mr. Esposito is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a focus in criminal psychology, is a New England Scholar Award recipient, and a best-selling author.
About Ray…
Michael Mills
Vice President, Sales
Michael is the global vice president of sales for HS Brands International. He oversees all North American sales while coordinating the global sales efforts between HS Brands 13 global offices. Michael currently resides in Las Vegas as he is the worlds foremost expert in Casino Hospitality Mystery Shopping and innovative data collection solutions. He spent 4 years in the UK while building HS Brands London office which has subsequently become the HS Brands International hub for global projects. In this role he designed complex programs that involved mystery shopping restaurants, retailers, and casino hospitality companies in over 100 countries.
About Michael...
Tanya Petronelli
Director, Business Administration
Tanya Petronelli has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry. Specializing in the development of training, policies, and customer experience improvement, her expertise developed working for MGM Resorts International as Manager of Guest Experience for Mirage, Las Vegas. Ms. Petronelli also develops employee engagement and retention programs for our team members.
About Tanya…
Damian Ferrari
Director, International Operations
Damian Ferrari has twenty years’ experience working in various positions of international operations in the service sector. His experiences include global operations, merchandise planning, and purchasing for major brands and retailers including Yves St Laurent, Guess, Marks & Spencer, Groupon and TM Lewin. Mr. Ferrari specializes in the development of disciplines, structures and processes for effective business operations across different countries, continents, and business cultures. Today, he uses his experience and skill sets in the oversight of worldwide operations for HS Brands Global.
About Damian…
Miguel Nodarse
Director, North American Operations
Miguel brings over twenty-five years of hospitality experience to HS Brands. With a diverse hospitality background working in some of Las Vegas’ most recognized resorts, Miguel has a proven track-record of operational growth, cultural development, enforcing standards and maximizing profits. Miguel has led teams of over 100 members with some of the highest team member satisfaction scores in guest service, all while managing and building great client relationships.
About Miguel…
Greg Keeley
Director, Loss Prevention
Greg Keeley has over twenty-seven years’ experience in loss prevention and compliance. Mr. Keeley holds a degree in sociology and criminal justice and brings a background of diverse retail experience. Greg’s long career includes progressive roles of management, and he is a seasoned practitioner in investigations, auditing, program development, and organized retail crime investigations.
About Greg...
Carlo van den Berg
Managing Director, HS Brands Europe
Carlo has been in the experience business for over 25 years. With a broad knowledge of marketing, sales and operations and experience in leisure parks, catering, theatre and casino business, he is your business partner in Europe to set up your customer journey, service blue print and the best result driven research for your company. With a bachelor degree in Hotel Administration at the renowned Hotelschool The Hague, he is your hospitality guy to go to.
About Carlo…
Chommanee Suthinak
Managing Director, HS Brands Thailand
Claudia Brea
Vice President Operations, LatAm & Caribbean
Claudia comes from the hospitality industry where she worked in Human Resources for many years specializing in training, recruiting and quality procedures. She has designed, managed, and executed different customer experience and loyalty programs for hotels, restaurants, and entertainment companies. In 2011, she joined the HS Brands team as Vice President of Operations Latin America & Caribbean, and since then, she has overseen many multinational projects in Retail, Hospitality, Oil & Gas/C-Stores, Automotive, among others. In her role she is responsible for all operations, sales, and strategic direction for all HS Brands business in the region.
About Claudia…
Khalil Abou Ghazaleh
President, Middle East
Khalil acquired a solid experience in hospitality, food & beverage, and retail Industries with well reputable brands. He was exposed to extensive start-up experience that developed his business understanding in defining business leads. In 2013, Khalil joined HS Brands to establish local presence in the Middle East. Since then, he has overseen many multinational projects in Retail, Food and Beverage, and Automotive sectors.
About Khalil…
Sanjeev Shenoy
Managing Director, HS Brands Asia
Sanjeev Shenoy has 15+ years’ experience in mystery shopping and customer experience and has helped several global brands design and manage programs across Asia. As a post-graduate in Management, he has worked in Marketing & Operations across retail and food and beverage. As a believer in the beginners’ mindset, Sanjeev seeks to bring in innovation in the mystery shopping industry through technology and best practices from other industries.
About Sanjeev...
Steven DiPietro
Managing Director, HS Brands Australasia
Steven Di Pietro has been a founder and owner in the Mystery Shopping industry for 20 years. Steven came from the Banking industry having worked in retail banking and merchant banking at Macquarie Bank in Australia. In the Mystery Shopping industry, he is actively involved in the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association where he served as a Director and President of the Asia Pacific chapter of the Association. Steven continues to educate other Mystery Shopping companies around the world on Best Practices. He remains as enthusiastic as ever to help companies be sure they are executing their strategy. Steven focuses his attention on the difference between strategy and execution, that is, why organisations don’t do what they intended to do.
About Steven...

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L'esperienza del marchio

La decifrazione dell’esperienza complessiva del marchio di un’azienda inizia con la misurazione di specifiche metriche delle prestazioni basate sul comportamento, ad esempio l’esperienza del cliente, il servizio clienti e la conformità. Tuttavia, la raccolta di dati e l’inserimento in un foglio di calcolo non è sufficiente per influire positivamente sull’esperienza del marchio. I dati diventano significativi solo se vengono analizzati e contestualizzati a fondo in modo che possano essere utilizzati come base per porre le domande giuste che portano a decisioni strategiche.

Contesto per i tuoi dati

Per oltre 20 anni, HS Brands ha avuto l’esperienza di mettere contesto ai tuoi dati per aiutarti a prendere decisioni migliori e più informate per il tuo marchio. Coprendo oltre 140 paesi con 12 uffici in tutto il mondo e dotati di oltre 1 milione di agenti di intelligence, possiamo distribuire rapidamente gli stivali sul campo per offrire test reali della tua esperienza di marca.


La nostra invenzione di SASSIE oltre 20 anni fa è ora lo standard di settore per la raccolta e la creazione di dati nel settore dello shopping misterioso. Questa esperienza ha permesso al nostro team di assistere in prima persona all’impatto dei dati contestualizzati sulle decisioni strategiche. Con questa conoscenza in mente, abbiamo creato HS Brands al fine di fornire ai nostri clienti la visione più completa dei loro dati di marca che porta a soluzioni complete.

Questo viene fatto attraverso il nostro Brand Certainty Model.