Mystery Shops

Mystery Shops that Validate Your Customer Service Expectations

In today’s competitive landscape your company’s success rises and falls on the quality of your customer’s experience, and with the impact of social media, you can’t afford to leave your brand’s reputation up to chance. Building a consistent and positive customer service model is the difference between consumer loyalty and customer exodus.

Most companies know precisely what excellent customer service looks like. But often there is a disconnect between the theory and the practice. HS Brands Mystery Shopping services measure these differences by testing practices across several real-world situations.

Retail Mystery Shops validate staff interactions, friendliness, helpfulness, knowledge, and purchase processes

Restaurant and Bar Shops measure customer service, wait times, food presentation, and preparation

Phone and Online Shops provide insights into your customers’ e-commerce experiences

HS Brands’ Mystery Shop services help identify and correct customer service weaknesses before they affect your customers’ shopping experiences.

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Mystery Shopping Services

HS Brands provides retail shopping services for a variety of industries, including retail shops, restaurants, and bars. Mystery Shopping can include employee interactions and customer service, as well as potential dishonesty or policy violations.

All mystery shops are performed by independent evaluators (including the state of Nevada). This allows an unbiased, objective opinion that matches that of your customers.


Results-Oriented Approach

HS Brands shopping services provide quality images to validate key findings such as branding & signage, cleanliness & safety, or displays & presentations. HS Brands’ also offers video shopping service, so you can have a visual record of your mystery shops.

HS Brands have shown tenacity in understanding and resolving any challenges met and excelled in delivering and exceeding our expectations and so the relationship built has been one of strong mutual respect. ~ Mark Burton, Landmark Group

They bring a winning combination of experience and commitment to excellence. The project implementation was effortless. HS Brands has always responded well whenever there was any issue or conflicts. I also appreciate their convention of looking at a big picture than get in to small nitty-gritty of the business. Finally I am always delighted that the HS Brands team is living up to our expectations and delivering sensational service.

Ajay Parulekar
Volkswagen Group

Analyze Results with Intelligent Software

Understanding trends, fundamental deficiencies, and troubled locations are critical to customer service improvement. Access the power of HS Brands Sassie software and turn your shopping data into intelligent information. HS Brands provides:

  • Customized Dashboard with User Access Hierarchies
  • Email Alerts for Critical Exceptions
  • Conditional Statements for Greater Insights
  • Automated Action Plans for Efficient Corrections