Mystery Shopping Services and Loss Prevention Solutions that Combine to Deliver Exceptional Brand Protection

Retail/Integrity Mystery Shopping

Retailers need customization. From a ‘Mom and Pop’ store on Smith St. to a large corporate owned international chain, loss prevention programs need to focus on the intricacies of each business to have the most impact and gain the most success. We provide retail mystery shopping, retail loss prevention programs and more based on your needs.

Restaurant Mystery Shopping

The food and Beverage service industry is one of the most vulnerable industries as it can be severely impacted by loss, negative customer reviews, health violations etc.. HS Brands International can help correct and prevent typical problems that may arise in the food and beverage service industry through its mystery shopping and loss prevention programs.

Nevada Mystery Shopping

HS Brands is one of the few licensed Mystery Shopping services, and Loss Prevention solutions in Nevada.  We can create a one-stop shop for providing Measurement and Awareness around our clients’ business operations and their guests’ experience to minimize loss and boost sales, all while protecting their brands.

Guest Experience Mystery Shopping

Guest Experience Mystery Shopping is the best way to gauge what your customers are experiencing.
Retailers can learn what it is actually like to be a patron of one of their locations. Retailers use mystery shopping companies to evaluate existing customer service programs, ensure new marketing campaigns and promotions are being executed properly, conduct competitive analysis, and to evaluate the execution of any other Programs, Initiatives, or Brand Standards. From the wait times and quality of the food and drink, to the wait staff and managers, mystery shopping provides excellent insight into your operations. Each mystery shop program is customized to target specific areas of the business, overall guest experience, and to meet your operational needs.

Integrity Mystery Shopping

Integrity shopping will promote employee honesty, support loss prevention programs and may weed out a problem in a specific location.
As a mystery shopping company, HS Brands can test employee integrity by making a simple cash purchase at a retail location. Although scenerios are customized to meet client need, a typical scenario involves our “Agent” leaving money for an item and departing without a receipt. We then provide feedback on what the employee actually does with the cash.

Customer Service Surveys (CSS)

To get great post-service feedback from your customers, use our Presto Mobile Surveys.
Your customers can complete these surveys via their smartphones while they are still on the premises by scanning a QR Code, whether its posted in a lounge area, by the bar, or printed on their receipt. Additionally, they can also click a link sent via email or on your website. This effective delivery method allows your guests to offer praise, their opinion or voice a concern in real-time. You even have the option of providing them with an incentive, such as a coupon or promotion for completing the survey.

Merchandising & Product Compliance Audits

We all know how critical it is to your business to ensure that products are properly merchandised, or that the stores/restaurants are using and selling products, which meet the brands specifications.
Do you want to make sure that all of your locations are properly displaying promotion items? Would you like to check that only approved products are being used in your operations? Do you want to ensure that closed locations are actually closed and no longer using your branding?
If something isn’t merchandised correctly, that can mean lost revenue and a risk to your brand integrity. We use our Nationally located field force to verify that product is placed properly, signage/promotional collateral is being utilized, and to verify if the store is meeting visual and other brand standards.
HS Brands International has the field team to do all this and more. Protect your brand and your business with merchandising solutions.

Phone Shops

Phone shops are a vital part of any business as they are evaluating where their customer service could use improvement.
A phone call is often the first impression a consumer gets when they call a store or restaurant. An employee’s ability to not only give descriptions on products available and directions, but be welcoming and patient could be the difference between you or a competitor getting the business. Mystery shopping via the phone is done with all of the same evaluation criteria that a regular in-person visit is done. Detailed reports, phone recordings, analytics, and a dedicated account manager will ensure that you have the tools to improve the guests experience.

Bar Spotting

Bar Spotters sit at the bar and watch bartenders at work.
They evaluate cash handling procedures, pouring techniques, and serving protocol. Our spotters know all of the tricks of the trade that bartenders use to skim from the restaurant or bar.

Nevada Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping Services and Loss Prevention Solutions that Combine to Deliver Exceptional Brand Protection

Mystery Shopping Services in Nevada

HS Brands International is a licensed mystery shopping service provider in Nevada through the NV Private Investigator Licensing Board in accordance with Nevada state law :
Nevada PILB #1182
Our local gaming and hospitality office is located at:
6375 S. Pecos Road, Suite Las Vegas, NV 89120
Make sure you’re covered if you plan to utilize mystery shopping services in Nevada
If you are conducting mystery shops using an unauthorized mystery shop provider, the state of Nevada may fine you up to $2,500 per shop for the first offense, $5,000 per shop for the second offense, and $10,000 per shop for each additional offense thereafter. The Nevada statutes can be found here.
If you have questions or would like to join our team of mystery shoppers in Nevada, please contact:
Christa Shiklanian
Phone: 800-723-1150 x307
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