Market Research

Test Your Products and Practices through Real World Assessments

HS Brands Global is the leader in putting “boots on the ground” to conduct market research and real-world assessments. We assist in helping companies, and market research firms collect, analyze, and report on the product, process, and practice verifications.

We’ve partnered with some of the premier research firms to help them deliver to their clients, and we’ve partnered with some of the world’s favorite brands to help them test and assess their critical functions.

With HS Brands Market Research, you can:

Execute research of any size, anywhere in the world.

Test and assess critical functions for your brand.

Evaluate and analyze data using HS Brands proprietary software.

Our Core Services


  • Test Products, Processes, and new initiatives.
  • Leverage our global team for large-scale evaluations.
  • Get the benefit of our international offices’ local knowledge.
  • Collect, examine, and evaluate all the information in our Sassie software.
  • Reduce research costs and increase efficiency.

HS Brands has greatly simplified our market control process. The approach allows us to gauge the Price coverage in the market and its impact, locate specific dealers, and delineate brand position in the market. Best of all, it catalyses as a one central tool towards the market situation which allows us to be more proactive in making decisions to sustain our brand.

Seema Khurana

Case Study

When a global credit card company needed to test its new card in over 150 countries, HS Brands delivered.

The Challenge
When a global credit card company was ready to roll out its new credit card in worldwide markets, HS Brands worked as their trusted partner to execute this complex project in 150 countries. The project required real-world testing of new cards across a large variety of international markets – from retail outlets and convenience stores to hotels and airports.

The Approach
HS Brands used a panel of independent mystery shoppers to test card functionality in over 150 countries. Our team scheduled, executed and managed over 50,000 mystery shops in 12 months while navigating the nuances of local market conditions and requirements.

The Process
HS Brands developed a custom approach through the use of our SASSIE software that made location selection, tracking and reporting more organized, efficient, and ultimately effective.

The process allowed HS Brands to package and deliver 3,000 cards to 1,500 shoppers in 150 countries. All while managing and tracking $600,000 in expenses across the world. 50,000 shops were completed in 12 months.

The Results
Within 48 hours of shop completion, each report was translated, proofed and delivered to the client ensuring they had the most up-to-date information and results.

At the conclusion of the project, HS Brands analyzed the data, evaluated problem areas, and helped the client implement new card process optimization solutions – and ultimately protect their iconic brand.