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Don’t Out Spend, Out Service the Competition

HS Brands is the global leader in Gaming, Entertainment and Hospitality guest experience evaluations. Our services measure real interactions in the same way your guests experience them. Plus HS Brands is the largest provider of Las Vegas evaluations and Tribal Property Experts. Our services go beyond guest experience offering auditing, regulatory inspections, and integrity checks.

We evaluate the essential components of your guests' experiences:

Guest experience and mystery shops

Compliance and operational audits

Integrity shops and observations

Each of our services is custom built to your business culture, needs, and practices to ensure you receive the relevant information you require.

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Our Core Services

Shift Visits

  • Audit the entire non-hotel guest journey
  • 3 to 4 Hour Audits
  • Fully test employee knowledge, service or compliance

Full Resort Overnight Stays

  • Evaluate a guest’s entire experience with 1 or 2 overnight stays that assess the complete range of services
  • Full range of recorded evaluations
  • Forbes Star Rating based audits

Competitor Analysis

  • Replicate your audit questions, test responses, and service of your competitors
  • Player Marketing
  • Reward Systems and Structure Comparisons

With 1000s of audits evaluated globally including Forbes rated properties, we are the industry leader in gaming, entertainment, & hospitality brand protection.

Ground Assets That Support Your Needs

With our in-house staff of account managers, auditors, investigators, and an additional network of nearly one million field agents across eleven global offices, HS Brands delivers the right ground assets to match the needs and complexity of your individualized services.

Our field agents’ diversity in age, race, gender, culture, and background provides our clients with the ability to match their assessment needs with evaluators of specific demographics.

Reporting that turns your data into information

HS Brand’s clients leverage the power of data collection through our Sassie software. Sassie provides a software environment that offers advanced building, sorting, communication, flagging, and reporting functionality. And with Sassie, all your critical information resides on a single dashboard.

With the ability to combine multiple data and reporting sources, we offer a true dashboard of critical information for users. It is a streamlined software solution for creating, evaluating and taking action on your key performance indicators.

The HS Brands mobile tools not only put all the information and analysis into the hands of the right people, but internal audit information and analysis become available in real-time offering the opportunity for immediate action.

Fully Licensed

HS Brands is a licensed mystery shop provider in Nevada through the NV Private Investigator Licensing Board – Nevada PILB #1182

Our office is located at 6373 S. Pecos Road, Suite 218, Las Vegas, NV 89120