Franchise & Royalty Assurance

Trust but Verify with HS Brands’ Franchise Assurance Programs

While traditional retail has struggled with growth, franchises have grown nearly ten percent in the past five years reaching three-quarters of a million in operation in 2018. Protecting brand integrity and profits is a vital component for success.

HS Brands specializes in providing proven services to identify and resolve franchise issues related to underreporting and brand standards compliance concerns. Offering a national and global team, we can help keep your brand and your profits protected.

Protect your brand with Franchise Royalty Assurance:

Two decades of experience in franchise assurance solutions and a team of franchise experts.

Objective reviews and analysis to identify potential franchise issues that are delivered with discretion.

A variety of auditing, analysis, and investigative services to meet your needs and protect your brand.

Our Core Services

Program & Policy Development


HS Brands applies its expertise in the understanding of key indicators and trends to develop a “top” risk ranking of your franchises. Our analysis report assists in determining where to apply resources for the most favorable return on program investment.


International Field Auditing

HS Brands can use your existing audit or assist in the development of an audit tool to specifically target concerns. Our audits are customized to your specific operations. Through our extensive national and international professional audit team, we can scale to any size project, anywhere in the world and meet any timeline.

Theft Resolution Solutions


HS Brands offers several investigative service types to help confirm and resolve royalty and brand standards issues in the franchise industry. Staffed with certified interviewers and licensed private investigators you’re ensured professional and ethical resolution with professional reporting.

HS Brands Royalty Assurance programs improve profitability, speeds up the resolution, reduces expenses, and helps reduce the drain on existing resources.

Auditing Services

    Royalty Financial Audits to identify underreporting, theft, and that marketing and fund contributions are met.

  • Brand Standards Audits to ensure brand compliance and to inspect for potential brand de-identification.
  • Safety and Security Audits to assess risks.
  • Operational Audits to improve efficiency and training.
  • Mystery and Integrity shops to evaluate customer service and compliance.

Franchise Assistance Programs

HS Brands offers specific programs to assist underperforming or troubled franchises.

  • Internal Theft Identification Training for Managers.
  • Safety and Security Inspections, and Consultations.
  • Operational Auditing to Raise Compliance.
  • Theft Resolution Services for Internal Dishonesty Incidents.