Brand Standard Audits

Verify Your Expectations with Brand Standards Auditing

Brand image is more than just a logo. It’s a complex sum of operational, merchandising, and employee behaviors. Together, these components make up your company’s brand standards, and they are vital to your customers’ perceptions.

HS Brands’ team are experts in helping you maintain those standards through our verification services:

Audit programs protect your image by providing the information needed for accurate measurement.

Brand standards shops verify the look, feel, and operations against your expectations.

Access to proprietary Sassie software for an accurate and actionable view of critical information.

HS Brands has the experience and expertise to assist in developing the correct audit tool for your measurement goals.

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Our Core Services

Program & Policy Development

New Company, Franchise, or Licensee Location Brand Standards

Ensure your new locations meet your brand image and standards without taxing your resources or expenses. HS Brands new location audits verify signage, plan-o-grams, and product placements. Also, with image capture, you can conduct a remote inspection of each.

Price Check Shops

Validate ticket and tag compliance in your locations to ensure compliance and recognize potential inventory control issues.

Product Display Standards

Verify that your product is handled correctly and displayed in licensed space locations.

Integrity Shops

Identify and resolve dishonesty issues with our integrity shops. We perform simple purchases, bar-spotting, purchase, and returns. We also provide checks for more advanced processes such as those involving credit checks, hiring procedures, and deliveries.

Operational Audits

Get a complete picture of your operational compliance with our audit services. Inspect policy adherence, cash handling, safety, inventory control and other essential procedures.

Customer Experience Surveys

Customer service is vital to your brand. HS Brands is the leader in customer experience surveys. From retail and restaurant to gaming, entertainment, and hospitality, we can help you assess the standards across all aspects of the customer experience. Our Brand Protection Services help you confirm and adjust operations and behaviors to ensure the image you portray is the one you intend.

They are smart. They know their business. They can easily point out risks and opportunities. As a CFO, I had the confidence I needed. They were very helpful and ultimately assisted us in successfully resolving our issues. We recommend them without hesitation and would use their professional services again if the need presented itself.

David S. Noymer
The Greater Boston Food Bank