Loss Prevention Services

Protect Profits and Improve Performance

Loss prevention services are critical to success. Loss and “shrink” can have a severe impact on store profitability and performance. In fact, the majority of profit-eroding behaviors are the result of internal theft or employee theft, external theft, and procedural errors. These behaviors not only reduce profits but have a negative impact on customer experience.

HS Brands Loss Prevention Services Identify and Reduce Loss:

Cost-effective results-driven loss prevention solutions and asset protection for retail stores, restaurants, and franchises.

Outsource, co-source, or let us build a complete loss prevention program solution to meet your goals.

Target a specific need or employ loss prevention programs and services to improve your overall operations.

Our national and global field team of loss prevention experts offer years of experience to assist with any size program or service.

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Our Core Services


Loss Prevention Auditing

HS Brands will assist you in building an effective audit to identify and address critical issues in operational compliance. Each inspection is executed by a professional field auditor who with experience supervising loss prevention in retail and restaurant operations. There is a direct relationship between audit performance and inventory shrink results. A well-managed audit program is a critical part of improving operational compliance.

Theft Resolution Solutions

Theft Resolution Services

Our expert loss prevention staff will assist in the identification, research, and resolution of incidents related to employee dishonesty and significant policy violation. This can include additional security measures, internal employee communication, store organization for retail loss prevention, and a host of other strategic recommendations.

Program & Policy Development

Loss Prevention Program & Policy Development

Whether you need to refine existing programs and policies, develop new ones, or are starting from scratch, HS Brands experts will assist in the development and writing of best practice programs and policies. Many organizations have no formal apprehension, physical touch, or reasonable force policy in place for shoplifting, for example. Our team can help develop critical policies and practices to enforce loss prevention.

We have partnered with HS Brands International for the last two years on Loss Prevention and Mystery Shop services. As a natural extension of our business, the team at HS Brands has helped raise awareness around safety and security in our restaurants while driving accountability for real results. They know the restaurant business, and they approach our teams with a sense of empathy that has helped build capability, increasing the safety and security for our employees and our customers.

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Special Programs

  • Target Store Programs to reduce loss and issues in your lowest performing locations.
  • Seasonal Store Programs to mitigate the unique risks associated with operating temporary retail locations.
  • Intense Audit Programs to execute large-scale audits or inspections in a short period.
  • Employee Tip line: When coupled with our other programs, HS Brands can provide a business abuse hotline for your employee to improve reporting of unwanted behaviors, dishonesty, safety, and HR issues.
  • Field Management Training Seminars to educate field leaders, store managers, loss prevention officers and team members on crucial loss prevention topics.

Our Consulting and Assessment services offer expert analysis and support to your loss prevention, security, and compliance objectives.

Expert Services

  • Consulting Services to help understand, design, and implement effective loss prevention programs.
  • Risk and Shrink Assessments to objectively gauge your current practices and develop best practices.
  • Expert Testimony to evaluate and report on high liability incidents.

Expert Tools

HS Brands’ services come with access to our powerful Sassie software.

  • Customizable Dashboard to see all your information in one place.
  • Auto alerts and auto distribution of key information and results for immediate reaction.
  • Field Forms that lets you turn every audit, form or checklist into a single mobile tool.