Do You Have A Customer Service Problem or An Operations Problem?

If you’ve suddenly noticed an influx of customer complaints or low customer satisfaction scores your brand may have received from polling methods, you may be wondering what caused this unsettling problem. Customer service is every company’s priority, so it’s pretty important when customers are suddenly complaining about your products or services. Companies tend to be quick to jump to the conclusion that customer service is the issue. They blame people’s attitudes and behaviors, but operations could easily be the driver behind these problems.

Oftentimes, it is not that your employees are all having a bad week or do not want to meet and rise above customers’ expectations. The problem could potentially be that the system of operations that is currently in place cannot meet the customers’ expectations for some reason. For example, if you noticed that it’s taking forever to get your order in a fast-food restaurant, you may become annoyed and complain. However, this issue may not have been caused by a rude person behind the counter or some other customer service issue at all; it may be because the system of making your food was simply not fast enough to meet your expectations.

The time and effort you need to put into the operational side to satisfy your clientele are essential for running a successful business. If the operations are not set up to succeed, then it doesn’t matter how amazing your customer service is: your company cannot do what it sets out to do. On the other hand, using the previous example, a fast-food joint may take it to the other extreme and produce the orders very quickly and routinely get the orders incorrect. Once again, the operations system is at fault for demanding that employees prioritize time over quality.

Operations and customer service go hand in hand because a company must not only get things done, but must also remember who they are doing it for. With HS Brands Global, you can be sure that you know where to focus your time and effort to improve your brand. Our Brand Certainty model allows you to look beyond the surface of the problem and dig deeper into core issues to make strategic decisions for your brand. That means analyzing your data, like the customer complaints, to determine whether you need to change some aspects of your operations to keep your clientele happy.

We ensure that we are aligned with your business goals and objectives every step of the way by staying in touch with you and discussing various aspects of potential problems we discover. We have developed and fine-tuned our process after years of experience, so it involves collecting data about your brand through the eyes of your target audience, contextualizing that data to find the root cause of the issue, and then helping you create an actionable plan to better your brand. If you want to understand your customers’ needs better and discover how to efficiently meet their expectations, get in touch with us, and let us help you optimize your brand.

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