You may have heard a lot of buzz about growth in the gig economy. More and more individuals are choosing to become independent contractors. A study by Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers will become independent contractors.

Why are more and more people choosing gig work?
Gig work allows for a very flexible schedule. Most independent contractors have no set hours. Some individuals even do gig work in addition to having regular employment—allowing them to gain experience and make extra money.

Gig work offers variety. You have a chance to do several types of jobs. Many individuals select gigs the same way they would select traditional employment. Often finding work in their field of interests.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Over 7.5 million Americans are unemployed, 2 million of which have been out of work for over 27 weeks. With the gig economy growing, individuals are looking to fill resume gaps and gain valuable experience.

“Working as an Independent Contractor for HS Brands International, helped me gain vast experience as it provided me with exposure to a variety of clients which at most times required a wide variety of asset protection solutions.”, said Thomas Floystrop who has since lead the Loss Prevention efforts as the Director of Loss Prevention at Pet Supermarket prior to their merger with Pet Valu. Floystrop reached out to HS Brands International in 2010 when he was a victim of company downsizing.

Retired individuals are also landing gig work. In many cases, retirees offer a high level of expertise. Gig work allows them to continue making contributions in the workforce but does not interfere with their retirement.

HS Brands International offers gig work to thousands of qualified individuals. Click here to learn more about our current independent contractor positions.