Each year, The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) honors customer experience providers that demonstrate exceptional leadership and show a strong commitment to the association. This year HS Brands International was honored with MSPA’s Elite Award—awarded to guest experience providers that contribute a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to the association. HS Brands International was also presented with a Shoppers Choice Award. This new award allows MSPA independent contractors to vote for their favorite Mystery Shopping Providers. Hundreds are considered and only five providers can be chosen.

HS Brands International is the leading Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution Provider operating worldwide. HS Brands International employs thousands of qualified independent contractors to get jobs done efficiently and accurately. “You can’t be everywhere, but we can” is not only HS Brands International’s tagline but truly captures their capabilities—they can be everywhere. “We are honored to receive such prestigious awards. We have very skilled independent contractors all over the world. Thank you to our independent contractors for contributing to our company’s success and achievements,” stated Tom Mills, HS Brand International’s CEO and MSPA’s past president and founding member.

According to studies documented by the MSPA, good service is not just something consumers expect; it is something they are willing to pay for. Many Franchisors use Guest Experience Mystery Shopping services since it’s the best way to gauge what customers are experiencing. “Thank you, MSPA, for your continued commitment to the customer experience and for recognizing our achievements,” said Michael Mershimer, HS Brands International’s President and COO.

About MSPA

MSPA is the trade association representing the customer experience industry. MSPA was founded in 1998 by a group of mystery shopping business owners who recognized the positive influence a trade association could have on the industry. The Association started with about 70 member companies, and has since grown into a global organization.

About HS Brands International

HS Brands International provides innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. HS Brands International is the culmination of 15 years of change, growth, and success. HS Brands International offers a multitude of data collection and loss prevention services, including; Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention, Business Standards Auditing, Integrity Shopping, Data Collection, and Franchise Royalty Assurance Solutions.

For more information on the topic or to schedule an interview with HS Brands International, please contact Tom Mills, CEO at 800-723-1150, Ext. 114, or tom.mills@hsbrands.com. Independent contractor applications are accepted online at https://hsbrands.com/jobs.