The Brand Certainty Model

Our Brand Certainty Model allows you to look beyond the surface of the problem in order to dig deeper into core issues and make more strategic decisions for your brand. This is done through a process that we developed based on our years of experience, solid processes, and our team’s unique consultative approach.


The process begins by first examining all the potential aspects of the problem in order to create and target the correct solutions. This first step in the process is critical because this is where our team aligns with you to thoroughly understand your goals and objectives to ensure that we are going towards the same direction.

Build, Compile & Report

From there our team builds the right measurements that are essential in obtaining the intelligence needed for discovery which is then followed by placing resources in the field to conduct objective evaluation for analysis. We then compile and report the intelligence gathered through a software that is then used by our clients to make well-informed decisions that lead to result-driven actions.

Breadth of Services

The breadth of the services we offer which includes Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention, Process Certainty, Brand Standard Consistency, and Customer Experience Management allows us to cater to numerous clients in different industries to help them achieve their specific goals

The Brand Experience

Deciphering a company’s overall brand experience begins with the measurement of specific behavior based performance metrics such as customer experience, customer service, and compliance. However, gathering data and placing them in a spreadsheet is not enough to positively impact the brand experience. Data only becomes significant if it is thoroughly analyzed and contextualized so that it can be used as a foundation to ask the right questions that lead to strategic decisions.

Context to Your Data

For over 20 years, HS Brands has had the experience of putting context to your data to help you make better and more informed decisions for your brand. Covering over 140 countries with 12 offices around the globe and equipped with over 1 million intelligence agents we can rapidly deploy boots on the ground to offer real-world testing of your brand experience.


Our invention of SASSIE over 20 years ago is now the industry standard for data collection and reporting in the mystery shopping industry. This experience allowed our team to witness firsthand the impact of contextualized data on strategic decisions. With this knowledge in mind, we created HS Brands in order to deliver to our clients the most complete view of their brand data that leads to comprehensive solutions.

This is done through our Brand Certainty Model.