Retail Mystery Shops and Data Collection Services from the Service Sleuth division of HS Brands International to retailers in all industries.
In working with an international footwear retailer, Service Sleuth provides a variety of services to measure and evaluate their customer service, training and brand standards. We mystery shop each of their 350 stores on a monthly basis, validate the effectiveness of their training program and measure their associates performance based on their training program.

Mystery shopping can be combined with a direct customer feedback solution via our Web enabled customer satisfaction survey where we send each customer an invitation to complete a survey via a web link on his or her receipt. Every survey must be entered using a unique transaction ID from the customer’s receipt which helps prevent fraud. Once submitted, each survey is available for reporting in real-time in our Sherlock data management software and can be correlated with their mystery shop results. We can easily handle a retailer’s sweepstakes program using this platform where we give away custom footwear on a monthly basis.

Service Sleuth can provide Field Forms for District Managers to collect and enter data from their store visitation reports and incident reports. Each form allows the DM to complete their reports on a laptop or mobile device, eliminating the need for Excel spreadsheets or printed paper. Once submitted, each form is available for reporting in real-time in our Sherlock data management software, along with mystery shop results and customer satisfaction data.