Enhance the Profitability, Safety and Security of Your Brand with an HS Brands Loss Prevention Program

HS Brands loss prevention experts offer outsourced or co-sourced loss prevention solutions that allow you to optimize your loss prevention structure and budget, while enhancing the profitability, safety and security of the brand.

Loss Prevention Program Design and Outsourcing

Restaurants, Bars, and Retail Stores need Loss Prevention programs to ensure proper policies and procedures are being followed. Additional loss prevention programs may focus on food and employee safety, which mitigate risk. The Mershimer Group can provide loss prevention program, tailored to your needs which can include: brand standards audits, mystery shopping, loss prevention meetings and awareness visits, an employee concern reporting hotline, and loss investigations.

Operational Audits

Our Mershimer Group division has professional auditors all over the country that specialize in retail operational audits.
Why spend money flying an internal employee out to specific locations when we have a local auditor that can be trained on your company specific audits, who then report their findings back to you. If there is a larger issue brought about by an audit, a targeted visit can be made by your internal staff. This is a more cost-effective and targeted solution for retail audits.

 Mystery Shopping

Take the Mystery Out of Mystery Shopping

Do you know what goes on in your business when you’re not around? Let us be your eyes and ears, ensuring you that your operation is running efficiently and your brand is protected. We provide mystery shopping services to some of the world’s most recognizable brands through our global database of over 500,000 Independent Contractors.

Integrity Shopping

Mystery shops can include any components as directed by the client. Are sales being recorded into the register? Is money being placed in the register?

Concern Reporting

“We Care” Hotline Service

Our anonymous, confidential reporting hotline is a critical part of our loss prevention programs. This hotline is an anonymous reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when the normal channels of communication have proven ineffective, or are impractical under the circumstances. At HS Brands we and our partners are the experts in capturing confidential reports via phone and the web, in multiple languages and geographies, and quickly disseminating them to you so you can begin your investigation process.

Loss Prevention Awareness Visits

Problem Store Visits

Visits are made to raise awareness, deter under reporting of sales, and to occasionally audit the franchisees. Franchisees respond when an auditor is at their location and looking through their business with a watchful eye.

Brand Standards Inspections

All brands have operational standards that apply to both company owned and franchised locations to maintain, protect, and distinguish their brands. These often include food safety, cash handling, customer service, inventory controls, and various other required standards. Our experience in both the retail, specialty, and food service industries allows us to objectively evaluate your business and brand standards.
Some of our Brand Standards Audits include:
  • Operational and Compliance Audits.
  • Menu Compliance and Food Preparation Standards Audits.
  • Unannounced Facility Inspections.
  • Safety and Security Inspections.
  • Employee Performance Evaluations.
  • Out of Stock Inspections.

Franchise Thought Leadership & Consulting

We provide independent guidance to franchisees on various loss prevention standards, which will deter internal theft in their businesses. We also provide high-level strategic thought leadership to a franchisor or a company thinking about franchising to develop operational standards surrounding this subject.


Loss Investigations

HS Brands trained and certified Loss Prevention team will work directly with your brands legal, human resources and operations team to resolve incidents of theft, fraud and other policy violations.

Under Reporting Investigation and Documentation

Franchised stores can be investigated as needed to help obtain evidence of under reporting, unauthorized transfer, unauthorized distribution and supply channels.

Program Results

Higher royalty collections
Reduced cash, inventory and food loss
More informed and profitable franchisees
More profitable brand

Client results have demonstrated significant sales and royalty reporting growth following the implementation of well designed Loss Prevention, Royalty Assurance or Brand Compliance program. A successful program requires high visibility and consistent communication of program components and success stories. A “halo” effect can be seen in shrink reduction, or improvement in raw materials to sales yield, system-wide.

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