HS Brands International is the Leading Mystery Shopping, Loss Prevention & Compliance Measurement Solution Provider operating worldwide.

Today, HS Brands Asia counts some of the Asia’s most recognizable brands as clients.

HS Brands Asia provides innovative strategies to ensure comprehensive solutions to various business challenges. HS Brands Asia is the culmination of 8 years of change, growth and success. In late 2008, Sanjeev Shenoy started in Bangalore, India to offer Mystery Shopping services. We offer a multitude of data collection and Market Survey, including:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Operational audits
  • Compliance audit
  • Retail audit
  • Data Collection

Automobile industry, undoubtedly, is one of the fastest growing industries in India. And, in order to remain anchored in the market successfully, time to time quality assessment makes a lot of sense. Why not hire HS Brands, best Mystery shopping company in India and Asia? We are India’s leading consumer and market research service provider. Our mystery shopping audits and brand protection solutions cover a wide range of audit sessions for the automobile industry, both two-wheeler and four-wheeler. Our automobile industry audits will help you grow your business and improve customer experience. HS Brands’ well-thought mystery audits include –
  • To check compliance with both regulatory as well as internal standards
  • To check out the quality of customer services offered to each and every visitor
  • To find out if or not your showroom or shop adheres to SOP (standard operating procedure)
  • To assess the maintenance standards at the facilities
  • To evaluate the product selling skills of a salesperson(s) at a given company outlet
  • To understand, if or not the salespersons have enough product knowledge
  • To assess the overall ambiance at a given facility
When it comes to brand protection solutions, HS Brands is the name you can trust upon!

Mystery shopping professionals are becoming integral to almost every industry. So, being a part of the aviation industry, why don’t you leverage the benefits of mystery shopping services offered by us at HS Brands, Best mystery shopping service provider? Airlines industry often needs to have regular customer feedback to improve their services and level of customer satisfaction. Take a look at why you should consider our mystery shopping services for the betterment of your services –
  • Our loyalty program best practices can help you with real-time and unbiased opinions about the performance of your staff members.
  • Mystery shoppers can also provide you with the quality of services your competitors are offering and how can you improve on that to grow your business.
  • Our well-trained auditors help you get an idea whether or not your airline staff members are adhering to protocols and industry procedures.
  • Being the Best Market Research Company, HS Brands’ auditors all help you know, if or not, your employees are maintaining proper levels of hygiene and cleanliness.
Improve customer experience with HS Brands. We are the Best mystery shopping service provider in India. Customer surveys are important assessment tools. We are the Best Survey service provider.

The electronics sector is evolving at a good pace with new products being introduced in the market almost every day. And, market competition obviously is neck to neck. In light to the unstoppable race to be on the top, it is quite crucial to get unfailing insight into the amendments and inclusions across the industry. Also, to understand how your brand or store is doing to keep pace with the increasing competition is important. Hence, Mystery audit for business by the best mystery shopping companies in India, HS Brands will be helpful.
Being the Best mystery shopping service provider, we at HS Brands carry out real-time analysis by deploying our mystery shoppers at your company’s shops or showrooms. Our Market Survey auditors perform the following tasks –
  • Price checks via a pre-determined negotiation procedure as well as evaluation of the MOP or market operating price of the products to see if the outlet is violating company policies or not.
  • Integrity checks by fathoming the degree of brand promotion at MBOs (multi-brand outlets).
  • Monitor customer service rendered by the staff members at the store
  • Knowledge of the sales executives regarding the product
  • Overall store environment
Hire HS Brands for effective brand protection solutions and leave a mark in India shopping.
Needless to mention, but the entertainment industry is super-competitive. So, if you are into this business, evaluating the behaviors of your employees and other relevant aspects related to customer communications are probably your top priorities.
In light to the demands of the entertainment industry, seeking HS Brands for Mystery audit for business is the best option to bank upon. We are the best mystery shopping companies in Bangalore to offer comprehensive analysis of your outlets. Our consumer and market research professionals observe every minute detail carefully at every consumer touchpoint within your facility. Being the op mystery shopping companies with a team of experts, our list of observation areas include the following –
  • Services offered at the outlets
  • Quality of services
  • Hygiene
  • Timeliness
  • Installation of promotional materials
  • Lobby materials
  • Seating capacity
  • Anti-piracy evaluation
  • Sound and projection quality
  • Ease of purchasing online tickets
  • Quality of food served
  • Price of the food items
Our customer satisfaction surveys will help you improve customer experience and grow your business manifolds. So, before your rivals move ahead of you, hire our mystery shopping services and grow with the Best mystery shopping companies in India, HS Brands.

Financial services, this industry includes both banking as well as non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). Every organization within this domain provides the customers with a wide range of products and services. Moreover, when it comes to selecting a company offering financial services, either banking or non-banking, customers have literally plenty of options. Sometimes, you might have seen two different banks opposite one another, as well. So, you need to outshine. That’s it. Hire HS Brands. We are the best mystery shopping companies in India. We not only help you with consumer and market research but also with Competitor Benchmarking.
Most importantly, most of the providers of financial services try to attract more and more customers with amazing offers and discounts. In such a scenario, Mystery audit for business conducted by HS Brands can help you get a competitive edge.
Always remember, quality customer services leads to enhanced brand loyalty, which it turn increases brand advocacy and referrals. Apart from that, if you want to assess, if or not your employees are complying with your company policies like, doing all relevant formalities while opening a bank account or a policy and adhering to the company rules and regulations, you can give us a call, right away!

Seamless customer service and high quality food and beverages are the key ingredients to shine in restaurant business. Therefore, store monitoring on regular basis is important. Furthermore, to know what your competitors are offering in regard to products, services and prices is crucial too. Why not hire, HS Brands, the best mystery shopping companies in India.
With our expert auditors, we at HS Brands, the Best mystery shopping service provider offer impeccable auditing services for food and beverage industries. We are clients with some of the leading restaurants of India. Each of our audits is well-planned and our mystery shoppers make sure to execute the plans properly and help you with relevant details. It helps you take necessary actions for improvements. We make a point to check out the following things at the facilities –
  • Customer services offered at the restaurants
  • Cleanliness and hygiene inside and outside the premises
  • Ambience observation
  • Quality of food served
  • Time taken to serve the ordered food
  • Behavior of the servers with the customers
Being a leading mystery shopping India firm, at HS Brands, we make sure to help you improve customer experience and hence grow your business with our pre-planned company audits.
High quality customer service invites long-term customer relationships and ongoing referrals. As far as hospitality industry is concerned, customer experience matters a lot. We at HS Brands, the best mystery shopping companies for hotels, provide you with uniquely designed mystery shopping and brand protection solutions that will help you get proper insights into your facilities and how things are done and managed in there. We cover a number of aspects in our mystery company audit programs. Some of the major ones are –
  • Process of reservation
  • Bell and valet services
  • Response at arrival
  • Departure services
  • Room amenities
  • Quality of service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cleanliness and hygiene related observations
  • Guest security
Each of our hotel mystery audit programs is custom-tailored according to the unique requirements of the clients. There is a glut of market research companies in India. However, we are the best and most trusted mystery shopping providers.
Is cart abandonment bothering you? You are not alone. According to various reports, it has been found that the cart abandonment rate in India is more than 51 percent. One of the main reasons behind shopping cart abandonment is unexpected costs visible only at the time of checkout like high shipping and handling charges, service taxes and other miscellaneous charges. Other issues include – improper navigation, incomplete information about products or services, etc. So, what is the issue(s) with your e-commerce platform? Find it out, with the Best Market Research company, HS Brands.
You can hire our mystery shopping services to improve your e-commerce experience and home shopping experience of your customers to outshine your competitors. We at HS Brands cover the following audit areas. Take a look –

In terms of user-experience

  • Ease of website navigation
  • Ease of process of purchase
  • Efficiency of query handling
  • The process and time taken to make the delivery
  • Modes of delivery
  • The process of return and exchange

In terms of products

  • Quality of the products/services available
  • Variety of products/services available
  • Availability of products/services
We at HS Brands understand the importance of Customer satisfaction survey, therefore each of our market survey is well-thought and properly executed to help your business grow.
How efficiently are your sales people representing your real estate agency? How well maintained is the ambiance of your branch office? How do your sales representatives deal with your customers, both existing and potential? How groomed are your staff members? Getting the answers to these questions would make sure that you don’t lag behind your competitors and get maximum opportunities to increase your revenues. Nothing other than HS Brands’ mystery shopping business solutions can help you better in this context.
We at HS Brand are experts at mystery audits related to the real estate industry. Mystery shopping increases revenue. Our custom-made services will shield you from making overpayments as well as over-commitments. Also, you would be able to understand cost differences and other evaluation areas of up and cross selling. All you need to do is tell us your requirements and select a particular area(s) you want to get mystery audited by us and get a complete report on the issues, if any, and scope for improvements.
As the top mystery shopping companies in India, At HS Brands we strive you help you grow your business and customer experience in the best possible way. Also, we make every possible attempt to provide you with the loyalty program best practices.
In a retail environment, every take of yours can impact your business as the competition is really fierce. And, being a part of the retail industry be it electronics, apparels, home appliances, home shopping items etc, you know it very well that the customer service or experience you offer is not just an important aspect, but it is the foundation of your business. In simple words, in today’s cutthroat marketplace, it sets your apart from your rivals. Do not delay and hire the best mystery shopping service providers in India, HS Brands and let your brand rule.
We at HS Brands with our innovative ‘Mystery Shopping’ programs help you evaluate different facets of your retail store along with the services offered to your customers. Right from the gatekeeper’s behavior upon the entry of a customer to the responses of the store manager(s) to customer queries or complaints, our mystery shoppers’ comprehensive store audits include deep scrutiny of every little thing.
Whether you have just started in the retail industry or have been there for many years, our mystery shopping and brand protection solutions can pin down the areas and scopes for improvement. In India shopping destinations are flooded with brands; to make yours beat others, hire us. HS Brands is the best Market Research Company.
The service industry, especially spas and salons, is getting bigger day by day. Moreover, the number of facilities is also increasing in number. A complete consumer and market research programs can help you be the ‘ONE’ among ‘SO MANY’. For the Best Market Research programs, get in touch with HS Brands.
Our unique mystery shopping and Competitor Benchmarking programs can help you assess the shortcomings at your facilities and let you improve them before you lose out on your customers. Our audit areas include the following –
  • Interaction before visiting your facility like telephonic queries and making appointments
  • Ambience of the facility, both interior and exterior
  • Overall cleanliness at your outlet
  • Interaction with the staff members, their behavior, body language, etc
  • Quality of services such as massages, pedicure, manicure, facial etc
  • Adherence to various processes
  • Whether your employees are promoting your loyalty vouchers, if any, or not
  • The process of billing
We select the mystery shoppers or customer experience audit professionals, to be deployed at your spa & salon as per your requirements on the basis of age, gender, etc. All our services are especially designed for you. If you want to grow your business, know what you are lacking and your rivals have with our exceptional Competitor Benchmarking programs.
POP or Point of Purchase items like signage, posters etc, are very important for shopper marketing. However, deploying the same is quite a challenge. Although some companies effectively manage visual merchandising at their retail outlets, for some companies 100 percent efficacy is hard to attain. Are you sure that your sales representatives are carrying out visual merchandising properly? Hire Hs Brands to get the best visual merchandising solutions. Only our mystery auditors at HS Brands employ the most effective brand protection solutions to help you monitor customer service without actually having to look into the things.
Proper product display and arrangement are very important for your brand. In fact, they are two of the most effective shopper marketing tools. For products that are high-involvement buys, they brings the products into consideration and for the impulse and low-involvement products; they are generally the only thing needed for making the sales process go on. We at HS Brands understand these aspects very well. As far as visual merchandising solutions are concerned, our mystery auditors also check out for the availability of the products and the ambience at the store. Our unique market survey approaches at HS Brands will not only help your business grow, but maintain the top position in India shopping.

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