Real-Time Reporting Means Easy Access To Audit Results and Maximum Ability to Respond Promptly

Audits are an effective tool for evaluating anything from product displays and use of marketing materials, to brand exclusivity, franchise compliance, and even adherence to detailed company standards such as cleanliness and signage.

Compliance Auditing

An important part of a successful loss prevention program is the adherence to company policies, procedures and best practices by all employees. We develop vertical specific audits that are used to measure compliance level, while also providing a training tool to enhance compliance.
These specialized audits help:
  • Ensure employees understand the importance of industry regulations and the severity of infractions
  • Protect your company from the repercussions of negligence
  • Maintain corporate integrity

Franchise Royalty Audit and Assurance Solutions

Our auditors will conduct franchise audits using your existing franchise royalty audit template or one that we create together. The audits are used to identify under reporting of sales and other theft indicators. The franchisee support team can use audits as training and operational tools.

Operational and Brand Standards Audits

Brand audits are designed to protect brand image. Auditors record location details (which may include digital photographs and video) to confirm that the sales environment mirrors corporate expectations. We have a team of auditors throughout the country that are highly trained and have years of experience in conducting brand standards auditsWe make sure that your business operations are being run the way you intend them to be and that everyone in your network is compliant with your processes and procedures.
These specialized audits help:
  • Provide visual confirmation of brand presentation and representation
  • Document that brand integrity is maintained
  • Appropriately confirm, realign, or reconsider relationships with sales partners

Reveal Audits

Reveal audits feature a unique twist on the standard audit – a reveal triggered by certain employee behavior or actions. During a Reveal audit, the auditor does not identify himself or herself as an auditor until an employee engages in a certain unprompted actions such as suggestive selling, promoting a  manufacturer’s brand, selling up or implementing a key training initiative. Upon identifying him/herself, the auditor immediately rewards the employee with a cash or gift incentive.
These specialized audits help:
  • Encourage and reinforce employee behaviors through immediate incentives
  • Ensure that employees consistently implement corporate selling strategies

Merchandising Audits

During a merchandising audit, auditors focus on product merchandising and point of purchase components. These audits are effective in monitoring and maintaining brand exclusivity, franchise compliance, and adherence to company standards.
These specialized audits help:
  • Verify specific product inventory
  • Monitor placement and use of POP materials
  • Confirm pricing
  • Monitor in-store demonstrations compliance and attendance
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